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Dec 6th, 2013 - marigold 2 

Please help!! Ostomy Injection

Hey Guys,
What do you use for studies like this one?
Fluoroscopic ostomy contrast study

History: 9-year-old male with Crohn's disease status post
colectomy and diverting ileostomy on November 12, 2013 with
abdominal pain, distention and vomiting.

Comparison: Abdominal radiographs November 19, 2013


This exam was performed with low dose, pulsed fluoroscopy and
other dose reduction techniques when possible. Fluoroscopic time:
4.3 minutes, dose area product 13.5 DGy-cm2.
Water-soluble contrast was administered via the patient's
pre-existing red rubber catheter in the right lower quadrant
ostomy under fluoroscopic guidance, and images the bowel were

Scout radiograph demonstrates multiple air-filled, dilated loops
of small bowel in the right lower quadrant ostomy appliance.

Water-soluble contrast was administered in a retrograde fashion
into a markedly dilated loop of small bowel which contain debris.
The contrast was injected with ease and filled multiple dilated
loops of bowel. Images demonstrated a very distal region of
high-grade narrowing, surrounding the patient's catheter,
approximately 1.5-2 cm from the ostomy orifice.

The fluid and air were aspirated at the end of the examination.
The patient's catheter was left in place.


High-grade bowel obstruction with segmental narrowing of the
distal ileum, approximately 1.5-2 cm from the ileostomy orifice.

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