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Feb 20th, 2015 - jmoon 2 

Revision Laminectomy

Per the op report procedures performed were Revision Laminectomy, L5-S1 with removal and reinsertion of hardware, however, per the details of the op report decompression was done by teasing out the nerve root. There was abundant scar tissue. There was found to be clear retropulsion of the interbody implant. The implant was mobilzed by pounding it forward and ultimately getting it turned 90 degress and impacted tightly into the interbody space. The bone graft was further packed posterior to this.

My question is what is the correct CPT® code or codes for the procedures performed? The interbody graft seems to have been re-positioned. Per the Op Report it was not removed and reinserted.

Thank you.

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Feb 20th, 2015 - LBAROGIANIS 250 

re: Revision Laminectomy

My guess would be 63042 and 22849.

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Feb 24th, 2015 - jmoon 2 

re: Revision Laminectomy

Thank you

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