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Sep 4th, 2020 - Rambis

posterlateral fusion with inpatient stay

Hello. I wanted to check on the coding for a two level fusion with inpatient stay. 22612 with 22614. So for this case the charges would include

22612- pro charges
22614- pro charges

00670 Anesthesia charges

If inpatient stay (which I believe would be common)- MSDRG 460

Would there also be an inpatient facility fee for the 22612 procedure itself?

Would there also be a standard room and board charge or is that included in the DRG?

Sorry about all the remedial questions. Trying to figure out the codes for this two level fusion

many thanks!!

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Sep 8th, 2020 - ChrisW   206  1 

re: posterlateral fusion with inpatient stay

Professional charges are in addition to hospital charges.

DRGs are defined and grouped by diagnosis and procedures, therefore, you would not bill the procedure in addition to the DRG. The DRG is used to establish hospital resources for the condition and procedures during the patient stay. Since a patient can only be charged one surgical class, the DRG is assigned according to hierarchy.

The professional fees are billed separately by the physician and the anesthesiologist.

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