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Mar 21st, 2012 - Shannan 28 

Broken Distal Tibula

We saw a patient in our office and the dr wants me to charge out the cost. Pt had a walking boot, crutches and a non manipulated fracture.
This is how I think it is, please help if I am not correct, and let me know if it is.

27786 (clsd tx pf distal fibular fx (lateral malleolus; /s manipulation
L4386 (walking boot)
E0114 (under arm crutches)

I used dx code 824.8

Is there a standard charge for any of these CPT® codes?

We used to do xrays and some ortho care. When the office went to a new system all of the codes were not put into the system. I wasnt here then, and I am not familiar with ortho. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You

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