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Dec 14th, 2014 - assure6 4 

Toem frame for an addendum to be completed

Hi, please could some help me with this...

I have a situation here for example A physician has performed a critical care service and did not mention the time spent on the critical care service, and the service was not billed, However he remembered it two weeks later and created a addendum for the critical care service and mentions the time.

How long is the time frame to create an addendum for a service? is it within one week? one month?

Can we create an addendum ever, for incomplete documentation.


Dec 15th, 2014 - dsteed   141 

re: Toem frame for an addendum to be completed

I have previously asked a Medicare Medical Director about this and he advised that although no specific time limit has been stated, he personally would question any addendum dated more than 2 weeks after the dos. It may vary between payers. I would check with the payer.

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