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Jul 1st, 2016 - TIMKY2 1 

Psych Testing for Bariatric Surgery

I need to bill insurance for psychological testing prior to bariatric surgery and I was wondering if using ICD10 code Z04.6 would be appropriate for this or are there other codes that would be better to use?

Thank you

Jul 5th, 2016 - afgbilling 59 

re: Psych Testing for Bariatric Surgery

I wouldn't use Z04.6 because it states it's an evaluation requested by authority. I would use Z01.818 "Encounter for other preprocedural examination" and according to the chapter guidelines, it says to also assign a code for the condition to describe the reason for surgery. Code also any findings related to the pre-op evaluation.

Hope this helps.

Jul 7th, 2016 - TIMKY2 1 

re: Psych Testing for Bariatric Surgery

Thank you so much!!

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