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Jun 8th, 2016 - ginger.plemmons 1 

Angiomax - Bivalirudin

Regarding ICD-10-PCS coding of Angiomax introduction of outside consultant is recommending that coders code Angiomax introduction to a platelet inhibitor (anticoagulant / thrombin inhibitor) in PCS instead of thrombolytic. Consultants advice is to revise original code assigned by coder (3E03317) to 3E033PZ. The consultant used a as their reference. Clinical Pharmacology Reference states that Angiomax is a anti-thrombotic. Can you please help us solve this dilemma. If you can supply additional references, it would be great. This question is referencing a hospital inpatient account.

Jun 8th, 2016 - codinqueen 57 

re: Angiomax - Bivalirudin

Angiomax/Bivalirudin according to is an antiplatelet. I am a CCS QA mgr for a world-wide coding consulting company and we recommend that our coders code introduction of Angiomax intravenously or intra-arterially into a coronary artery be coded in ICD-10 PCS as a platelet inhibitor also. 6th character in I-10 PCS is P. Angiomax prevents platelets from sticking together and clotting. It is NOT a thrombolytic. Thrombolytics include Streptokinase (no longer sold in the USA), & Urokinase. Thrombolytics are exceedingly expensive and in order to bring healthcare costs down, and provide the best possible care, most facilities are now using Angiomax or other platelet inhibitors most of the time, except for treatment of acute infarcts. Thrombolytics are also known as "clot-busters" and are usually given with caution to CVA patients within a 3 hour window after a cerebral infarct. There are many articles on the internet about these drugs. I suggest you can write to the American Hospital Association for Coding Clinic advice if necessary.

Jun 9th, 2016 - ginger.plemmons 1 

re: Angiomax - Bivalirudin

Thank you so much for your response. Greatly appreciated.

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