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Feb 3rd, 2015 - cnorman 1 


I need help with coding, changes in nevus

Thank you in advance for any help!!!

Feb 3rd, 2015 - wweisel 5 

re: Nevus

can you give more detail maybe a description in the physicians words, the location of the nevus and all?

Feb 3rd, 2015 - cnorman 1 

re: Nevus

the doctor just put changes in nevus, it was on the upper arm shoulder area.

Feb 3rd, 2015 - LBAROGIANIS 250 

re: Nevus

448.1 Nevus, non-neoplastic, Nevus:araneus, senile, spider, stellar

757.32 Vascular hamartomas, Birthmarks, Port-wine stain, Strawberry nevus

There is a few more.. but basically Nevus is Non Neoplasm of the skin..

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