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Jan 22nd, 2018 - DCM

Hereditary cancer testing ICD10 codes

Has anyone ever submitted a reimbursement claim for hereditary cancer testing panel (CPT codes 81432 and 81433)??? I am having trouble finding the appropriate codes to use.

Feb 6th, 2018 - ChrisW   256  1 

re: Hereditary cancer testing ICD10 codes

If you are looking for ICD-10-CM codes, your local LCD's will let you know which codes are applicable to bill with the above CPT codes. If you have a Find-A-Code subscription you can see the codes that can be billed on the code information page under the Cross-A-Code Tab which also includes the sources for you to view. you can also view commercial payer policies on Find-A-Code.

Consider codes is applicable from the following chapters;
2. Neoplasms (C00-D49)
21. Factors influencing health status and contact with health services (Z00-Z99)

Also, if using Z-codes are you screening for Family history? Z80 Family history of primary malignant neoplasm? If it is a follow-up exam you would report (Z08-Z09).

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