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Jul 24th, 2016 - AshtonHer83

What will be necessary to get back into coding?

Hi I graduated with a Health Information Technology degree back in 2006 and worked as medical coder for a couple years afterwards before symptoms of a chronic illness took its toll and I had to go on disability. I have been disabled and have had no experience for at least 7 years. I am working on managing these symptoms and getting my health stablilized to hopefully work ASAP. I am wondering what would be the necessary steps and route I should take to get back into coding? Also considering I have no schooling in ICD-10 coding.

Jul 24th, 2016 - CORY1010 1 

re: What will be necessary to get back into coding?

you can go back on track attending to webinars medicare offer for free on NOVITAS SOLUTIONS web site menu EDUCATION and TRAINING

hope this information can help you, good luck God Bless!

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