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Sep 3rd, 2015 - asarlt

Coding drug administration

Can CPT® code 96366 be coded my itself or only if 96365 is coded as well?
i have a physician who gives Vanco IV 12hr post op and i am unsure how to properly code this administration given the fact the patient had a procedure performed. obviously the patient was given other IV meds pre-op and during the procedure but those will be bundled w/ the surgery fee. do i code the 12hr post op Vanco as the initial (96365) eventhough the patient had other meds that were intergral to the procedure?

Sep 3rd, 2015 - youngblood 278 

re: Coding drug administration

96366 is an add-on code for additional hour(s) of same (drug) infusion. 96365 is your initial (up to) one hour. The guidelines are in the CPT® book.

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