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Nov 19th, 2014 - paula52 15 

Waiver of liability

We are Hospitalists, there are certain insurance companies that are requiring a waiver of liability before they will issue payment. Is there a law requiring them to make payment for services rendered . I am sure if we sign the waiver we will not be paid.

I hope someone will answer as soon as possible.

Nov 19th, 2014 - LBAROGIANIS 250 

re: Waiver of liability

Yes, because they don't want you to hold patient liable for any charges. Most likely they will pay a low rate. These usually are Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. I have signed a few on my appeals and had gotten paid. But you are right there is no guarantee.

However, if you have not seen the patient yet, you could have them sign a waiver stating that they will at least pay the medicare rates if their insurance company denies these charges.

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