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Aug 6th, 2015 - faiw2001

Global Days

I have a PT that had SX on 2.19.2015. We recommend that for healing purposes that they come in for re-strapping and P/T for at leat 6 weeks. So the Patient was released at the 77th day and we billed an O/V. UHC Medicare paid for it but now they are coming back and trying to recover the payment saying that the E/M service was still within the global period and should not have been re-imbursed.

My question is, then if not for an O/V on the PT release day, then what are we suppose to bill for within the global period?
(It constitutes an O/V so to us and O/V is payable).

Aug 6th, 2015 -

re: Global Days

if this is for a fracture the global starts on the day the provider first treataed the patient's fx, which is a 90 day global. regardless of the fact that the pt is haing PT as they are billing PT codes. you should be billing a global code 99024whch has no revenue. Global is global and per the AMA(American Medical Association) u must follow the surgery guidelines which follows the typical postoperative follow up care relating to the surgery. the cost of the patients follow up care is billed into the surgery and that is why you cannot bill for any o/v related to the surgery. for more information i would google postoperative care following the CPT® code that was used. Most major surgery's have a 90 day global period and minor surgerys have a 10day:)

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