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Sep 17th, 2014 - donnaulmer 2 

Correct ICD9 code

My doctor billed CPT® 64450 N Block other peripheral with ICD9 code 355.6 Mortons Neuroma. Blue Cross is deniying stating that reason for the block is not a good code but I cannot find a reason why it would not be, any suggestions? Thank you in advance for any advice that can help me get this paid

Sep 18th, 2014 - LBAROGIANIS 250 

re: Correct ICD9 code

Per CMS Guidelines, for injections for
Morton’s neuroma use CPT® codes 64455 or 64632.

Morton's neuromas injections do not involve the structures described by CPT® codes 20550 and 20551
or direct injection into other peripheral nerves but rather the injection of tissue surrounding a specific
focus of inflammation on the foot. These therapies are not to be coded using CPT® codes 20550, 20551,
64450, or 64640. Most specifically, the provider must not bill CPT® codes 64450 or 64640 for these
injections, since those codes respectively address the additional work of an injection of an anesthetic
agent (nerve block), neurolytic or sclerosing agent into relatively more difficult peripheral nerves, rather
than that involved in an injection of relatively easily localized areas.

Your ICD9 is fine, its your CPT® code that needs changing.

Sep 19th, 2014 - donnaulmer 2 

re: Correct ICD9 code

Thank you so much for your response and guidance I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you taking the time to help me. Have a great weekend.

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