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Aug 13th, 2015 - mdavis9 1 

How do you use the ICD9 codes v70.0 and v72.31

I have seen numerous questions on this topic in my research and there is no consensus it seems.

If we do a PE, we use v70.0 (got this one)

If we do a PE with a pap (cervical) and breast exam do we use
v70.0 AND v72.31 or (CPT® code for comprehensive linked to v70 and CPT® for pap or a pelvic (?) when no pap linked to v72.31 AND would it need the modifier 25?)
v72.31 alone

Do we add the v code for breast exam?

AARRGGHH! I am a Nurse Practitioner and new to coding and I know we transition to ICD 10 soon but I need the ICD9 for now.

We don't take Medicare...


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