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Nov 11th, 2014 - cmgmr 4 

correct coding for trigger point injections

My provider gave 2 trigger point injections to the trapezius with 40 mg (total)Triamcinolone and 16 cc (total) Lidocaine w/o Epi. There is some debate as to the correct coding of this procedure; would this be CPT® 20552 x2 units or modifier 51 indicating multiple procedures?

Nov 11th, 2014 - Jackfraust 69 

re: correct coding for trigger point injections

20552-20553 (20552, 20553)

The physician injects a therapeutic agent into a single or multiple trigger points of one or two muscles in 20552

and into a single or multiple trigger points for three or more muscles in 20553.

Trigger points are focal, discrete spots of hypersensitive irritability identified within bands of muscle. These points cause local or referred pain. Trigger points may be formed by acute or repetitive trauma to the muscle tissue, which puts too much stress on the fibers. The physician identifies the trigger point injection site by palpation or radiographic imaging and marks the injection site. The needle is inserted and the medicine is injected into the trigger point. The injection may be done under separately reportable image guidance. After withdrawing the needle, the patient is monitored for reactions to the therapeutic agent. The injection procedure is repeated at the other trigger points for multiple sites.

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