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Sep 30th, 2014 - nikkig45

Urine Screening BcBs

Just started doing urine drug screening in office. Trying to bill blue cross and they have rejected all of my claims. Question, do you have to be clia waived or clia compliant with bc in order to file?? Help?? In the state of AL

Dec 4th, 2014 - Plumqik 4 

re: Urine Screening BcBs

Most BCBS plans contract with outside lab such as LabCorp or others and will not cover any in office labs. Call your particular BCBS and ask them who they contract with.

Dec 4th, 2014 - Jsmith201400 25 

re: Urine Screening BcBs

Need more information. What is the denial stating? What code or codes are you billing?

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