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Apr 26th, 2016 - loreebar 2 

PT INR Home Testing

Does anyone know if providers can bill for the medication management for patients that are using a home testing PT INR self test machine? Our patients still call us with the results and we manage the dosing, not seeing anything that we can bill for that.

Apr 26th, 2016 - codinqueen 57 

re: PT INR Home Testing

See pg 35 of 2016 CPT® book for anticoagulant management advise. There are strict rules re how often and what it can't be billed with & what modifiers might be needed. Phillips Remote Cardiac Services provides the INRatio monitor & home testing equipment (like lancets and test strips) to patients, and they told me in 2011 when I was home-monitoring my INR that my Dr can bill for anticoagulant mgt every 4 tests and get reimbursed $10.00 but that was 5 yrs ago, and my Dr didn't think it paid enough to even bill it back then. You can probably call Phillips and ask what CPT® or HCPCS codes to use and for billing/coding requirement advice that may be newer than 2011. Phillips' phone number is 800-295-3530. There are fewer patients still taking Coumadin or Jantoven (warfarin) now since recent technology has given us newer anticoagulants that don't require INR testing, such as Savaysa, Elliquis, & Pradaxa, just to name a few of the new medicines.

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