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May 5th, 2015 - Buchanan 1 

Billing and coding cardiology

In December of 2014, I just got my AAPC certification. I am new billing and coding cardiology. I would like get some advise in this department of coding. Please give me some advice on where and how to begin.

Thank you

May 5th, 2015 -

re: Billing and coding cardiology

I have been a coder for 8years and have coded each speciality in the CPT® book and the best advice I can give you is to read the guidelines in the CPT® book under the speciality that you are coding and learn them as your bible. It also helps to have additional books to help break down the defintions of the CPT® book. One of the best books i have to use along with my CPT® book is the Coders Desk Reference for procedures. It gives you a better defintion of the code and the correct way the code its used. Also get to know our CCI edits(thet can be found on the MCR website or just google CCI edits) which will tell you if one procedure is inclusive of another and if they can be billed together. Just because a modifier 59 can be put on a seperate procedure, does not mean that it is legal to bill them together, so also learn how to use your modifiers correctly. They make many books to help out coders and the internet as there are many coding website that you can go to ask questions, as for instance this one!! My best advice to you is research, research research, if you don't have the answer do as much research to make sure you are advising your practice with the correct information. Also spend a little monies on getting books to help assisit you with your codinq questions. They make speciality books for each speciality there is which is also a big help. and one last thing don't be afraid to ask questions. As coders we don't know all the answers and an inquistive coder is valuable to any pracitice. Good Luck:)

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