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Apr 25th, 2016 - pigaPLLC1   4 

will medical insurance cover for labs before annual?

Patient wants to have an annual check-up, but wants to have blood drawn for labs before they come for the annual
check-up. The ICD 10 code for annual check-up is Z00.00. This code will also be used on the lab requisition order as well.
My question is, does it pose a problem that the icd 10 code of Z00.00 will be used on 2 different days (on the day the lab
is done and the day the patient is actually seen).
Essentially, will they deny the claim for the day the patient is seen
because the "annual check up" code has already been done.

Apr 25th, 2016 - afgbilling 59 

re: will medical insurance cover for labs before annual?

It shouldn't be a problem because they will look at the CPT® codes and see that it's for labs. When the patient is seen for the annual exam, the CPT® code will correlate with that.

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