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Nov 10th, 2011 - Shannan 28 

How do I correct a dx code

I have a pt that we submitted a dx of 250.00. The pt is very upset because she is trying to get new insurance and she is worried about being able to get it. So she wants us to change the dx. After discussing it with the Dr, he agrees that her A1C could be justified as pre diabetic. How do I correct that in her insurance record? It changes her dx from a 250.00 to a 790.29. Can I do that? and how do I do that?

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Nov 28th, 2011 - ALIMAC 18 

re: How do I correct a dx code

Submit your new code with all the documentation you have, to the insurance company. Send it as a corrected claim and note down what needs to be corrected. You may also want to call the insurance to see if they can change it over the phone and documentation to follow.

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