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Correct ICD9 code
by donnaulmer
Wed, Sep/17/2014 05:51PM
re: DX code needed
by rphelps
Wed, Sep/17/2014 05:39PM
DX code needed
by MGE001
Wed, Sep/17/2014 04:21PM
new denials due to PPACA guidelines
by sschwartz
Wed, Sep/17/2014 12:49PM
When doing the single cup urine should anthem and cigna us the same code as Medicare G0434 with modifier qw
by Sharring1
Wed, Sep/17/2014 12:41PM
re: vascular Coding
by abentins
Wed, Sep/17/2014 11:30AM
Is stage IIA thymoma considered benign
by Solymar
Wed, Sep/17/2014 09:17AM
Physical Therapy
by purple22
Tue, Sep/16/2014 07:14PM

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