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Teaching Physician Rules

Definition: The teaching physician (TP) rules describe a payment method by which Medicare pays an attending physician or teaching physician for services performed jointly with an intern, resident, or fellow, in an approved graduate medical education program (GME). The teaching physician’s presence and participation is required. Medical students are never considered residents and are not covered under the teaching physician rules. Teaching physician services are billed using the...

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99213 Established patient visit

There are sample audited notes in resource section. 99213 is an established patient visit which requires 2 of 3 of the following components: An expanded, problem focused history, which is 1-3 HPI elements and 1 system in ROS reviewed An expanded, problem focused exam, which is 6 bullets from 1997 exam or limited exam of 2-7 body areas/organ systems.  Some payers and auditors use 2-4 body areas/organ systems as an expanded problem focused exams, but this is not in the original guideli...

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Use of binocular microscopy in the office

Binocular Microscopy Question: Our physicians want to report binocular microscopy in addition to minor ear procedures when they use the microscope in the office. For example, removing ear wax or placing tubes, and mastoid debridements. Can binocular microscopy be reported in addition to the minor procedure codes? Their documentation supports the use of the microscope. Answer: CPT® code, 92504 binocular microscopy, (separate diagnostic procedure) may not be reported when the microscope is...

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